Wednesday, April 1, 2020

*NEW* Spring 2020 Geckos In Action Civic Engagement Scholarship

The Community Engagement scholarship recognizes GateWay students who have gone above and beyond to actively engage in their campus and community. To be eligible, students must participate in at least 25 hours of service-based, volunteer activities on or off campus over the course of the semester. Additionally, students must have completed the FAFSA, be able to demonstrate financial need, and be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours. GWECHS students who are enrolled in college classes are also eligible to apply.

Examples of activities to count toward the Geckos Connect Scholarship may include:
  • ·         Assisting with on-campus events
  • ·         Volunteering at community agencies
  • ·         Participating in campus-sponsored events off campus
  • ·         Service Learning projects
  • ·         Honors projects

Students must track their hours on a time sheet. Each event must be logged with a signature from an agency representative verifying the student’s participation.

Students who have completed these requirements will provide a short essay describing their favorite activity. Essays should include a brief description of the activity and the student’s role, how participating affected the student’s connection to their campus, community and peers, and why it matters. The best essays will demonstrate a clear connection between the activity and the student’s degree path, career goals, or personal passions. Winners will be chosen by a committee of college employees.

Please submit your essay and proof of community service online.

Scholarship deadline is May 15, 2020